Throwback Thursday: Jojo

I’m about 90% sure every person on earth knows at least one Jojo song, but most people have no idea where she’s been since her  massive pop success a decade ago. Jojo’s last album was released in 2006 and her next one is FINALLY set for a release this upcoming October, a full ten years later.

This Throwback Thursday, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and revisit some of Jojo’s best moments.

Jojo came in hot with her first single, Leave (Get Out), which is still a pop music staple to this day. That chorus. Those vocals! At just 13, Jojo cemented her pop icon status. Your faves could never!

+ Never forget this iconic bop.

Too Little Too Late was the peak of Jojo’s career. At just 16, she reached #3 on the charts, and with two huge hits under her belt, she was THE pop star to watch.

Unbeknownst to the public, it was almost too little too late for her career.

Jojo entered a 7-year long dispute with her record label, later suing Da Family Records for “Irreparable Damage,” that being her stardom. During that time, she could not release a single track for sale, and her career trajectory changed overnight.

With that shift, her music also began to sound drastically different. Check out dope this track she recorded with Travis Garland.

In 2010, sick of the drama with her label, Jojo released a free mixtape aptly named “Can’t Take That Away From Me.” The 11 track album was full of incredible tracks and vocals, including one of my favorite songs of all time (below) that sadly no one even heard.

Jojo emerged onto the R&B scene in 2011 with a risqué, explicity cover of a Drake song, “Marvin’s Room,” straying very far from her teen pop star image, and people began to say “Oh yeah, Jojo!” This newfound attention led to some fresh buzz for the star and her career really began to pick up traction once again.

Little did we know, she was prepping for a new album release. The first single off the record, ‘Disaster’, hovered among the bottom of the Top 100 Charts and sadly didn’t pick up too much traction. Deviating from her groundbreaking EP  sound, ‘Disaster’ sounds eerily like the pop sound of her youth she fought so hard to escape. The vocals are quite beautiful and the song feels good, but it comes across a bit generic and it’s definitely not where I expected her to go after five years of growth.

The aftermath of the track is murky, and despite all the hype and even an iTunes presale, no Jojo album ever followed.

2015. She’s finally free of her old label and she breaks back onto the scene with “|||”, a three track EP. The songs are absolutely incredible, and everyone’s whispering Jojo’s name once again.

And finally, her return! The new album, “Mad Love”, is set to release October 14th. The first track, “Fuck Apologies”, is a sexy, unapologetic banger featuring Wiz Khalifa. Check it out below!

I could not be more ready for Jojo to be a household name once again. Prepare your loins, ladies and gents, because she’s back, carefree and unchained, and she’s coming for that #1 spot.


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