Ed Sheeran Gives A Shout Out To YEBBA, AKA Your New Favorite Artist

During an interview promoting his new album Divide, Ed Sheeran spoke a little about some of his new favorite artists. He mentions an up-and-coming singer named YEBBA and admitted a recent performance of hers made him cry. WHAT?

If she made Ed Sheeran cry, you know she’s doing something right. Since his shout out last week, YEBBA’s Sofar performace of My Mind has doubled in views and is overflowing with love.

Most of those views were me watching it on repeat tbh.

The performance is absolutely breathtaking. You can taste the denial, the rage, the bargaining, the sadness, and maybe even the sliver of acceptance, as if you’re experiencing the five stages of grief right there with her on stage. The expressiveness in her voice, the emotion, the conviction all work together to create a stunning performance you will not soon forget.

If you don’t shed a tear, you probably don’t have a soul.

According to Facebook, the song is a original she’s working on for her next album. If the rest of her album is anything like My Mind, YEBBA will truly be an artist to look out for.

And if you wanted to know the story behind her name:

The first time I ever wrote my name was on a 2-octave keyboard my parents gave me. I wrote everything backwards. “YEBBA” sloppily became my signature, instead of “Abbey”. My mom saw this, and thought something was ‘off’ with me. So, being the comedian she thought she was, she began to call me her “YEBBA”.
As I got older, she would yell at me across the house (we’re from the country so we do obnoxious things like this), “Yebba, go clean the mirrors!” I would roll my eyes and go start on the wearisome chore.
I remember being six years old, sitting in front of my mother’s huge, thoroughly cleaned mirror in my pajamas. I began to sing, and I got so close to the mirror that it fogged up. Amused, I wiped it off and kept singing for hours. I remember marveling at my reflection and listening to the resonance of the bathroom walls, completely swept up in this strange trance until my name was hollered several times from across the house. I never thought a moment like that would mean anything at all to me, until now.
As some of you know, my mom committed suicide about 3 months ago. Out of love and respect for my mother and life itself, I’m changing my artist name to YEBBA. I’m making a promise to keep searching for my own reflection. To me, this is not a stage name; it’s not an alter ego; it’s not some great declaration. This is who I am. This is my reflection.



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