Troye Sivan’s Honors LGBTQ History With Powerful Video For ‘Heaven’

Outspoken gay singer, Troye Sivan, released a stunning new video for his single ‘Heaven’ on the day of Donald Trump’s Inauguration Ceremony.

Heaven, a ballad on Sivan’s #1 album Blue Neighborhood, explores the fear and heartache he experienced coming out to his family. The video, featuring Betty Who, shows Sivan embraced by a boy as his eyes practically beg the camera to accept him. Overlaid with LGBTQ activism and icons, it underscores everything that LGBTQ people before us fought for. It’s breathtaking to watch.

Sivan calls the video “the most important song” he’s ever made.

Without losing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven?

The religious context of the song is very striking. In Christianity, many people believe homosexuality is a sin, and Troye ponders if he can be his authentic self and still be intrinsically good. Can he still get into heaven?

At the end of the song, he’s come to a different conclusion. He says “if I’m losing a piece of me, maybe I don’t want heaven.” He can’t edit out his love, a simple human comfort we all long for, for a paradise. He’s already living in one.

The timing of the video feels more important than ever, especially with the world’s collective Donald Trump anxiety and the known track record of his vice president.


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